About Me

I work in the tech industry and live in Bangalore. In a career of over 17 years, I have tried a few things like application development, middleware consulting, and for the last few years, cloud-native solutions which I enjoyed the most – things around OSS, Kubernetes, Service meshes and the larger ecosystem in Public and Private clouds.

I’m also in my 6th-semester pursuing a masters degree online for my love for Computer Science. Hopefully, I will specialize in machine learning, that’s the plan. So far so good. I love the university for democratizing formal education beyond borders while maintaining the same quality and rigor.

What else? been inactive on social platforms, but I’m on twitter now and enjoy sharing my thoughts as it develops. Love the simplicity. Besides tech, I’ve been posting pics from cities I traveled in the pre-COVID world, perhaps it will make its way here too.

My world is also around the li’l boy in the picture. He’s Neiv and he will turn 5 soon.