About Me

I work in the tech industry and am based in Cupertino, California. In a career of 18 years, I have gained professional experience in a few areas –

  • developing scalable web/enterprise applications
  • middleware consulting and implementation
  • scaled agile delivery
  • cloud (native) computing

For the last 5 years I’m helping customers adopt private and public clouds with focus on application modernization – things around containers, kubernetes, service mesh, apis, opensource etc. I’m also a grad-student in 6th semester, pursuing a masters degree in computer science with specialization interest in machine/deep learning.

Creating and sharing technical content on above topics is a newfound love. I like the simplicity of Twitter & LinkedIn, but also the indulgence in publishing a video on YouTube. It’s small, but hopefully it will make it’s way here, including something which I miss very dearly during the pandemic – travel.

So come and take a walk in the clouds with me !