Shared GCR for multiple GKE Projects

It is not uncommon to keep all our GCR private registries in a shared Project, and access it from multiple different GCP Projects such as dev, test and prod. In a normal scenario i.e. when the GCR & GKE are in the same Project, you wouldn’t see an issue, but when they are different you may encounter an ErrImagePull when GKE kubelet tries to pull down the image.

The solution is very simple however.

In my example I have 2 Projects –

GKE : reju-pr1

GCR : reju-pr2

project names have been masked

Step 1) Go to IAM module of the GKE Project, and find the service account that corresponds to the Compute Engine default service account

Step 2) Navigate to the IAM section of the second project (where GCR is hosted) and Add a Member with the same service account id noted from Step 1 ; give it a role of Storage Object Viewer.

Step 3) Delete the deployments and force the pods to be recreated, you will see that images are successfully pulled down this time around.

The hipster store app is fully deployed and running.

Conclusion : When using GCR across Projects make sure to provide the Storage Object Viewer Role to the ServiceAccount responsible for pulling the images on the GKE nodes.

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